Saving Lives with Fire Retardant Spray Foam

We were recently informed by one of our customers that our spray foam helped stop a fire spreading from their immediate neighbour.

Had it not been for the spray foam the fire could have spread throughout the entire terrace. Our customer Miss White said that “the Foamroof Sprayfoam stopped the fire spreading and saved their lives. My boy was asleep right under that”. It was even featured in the Exeter Gazette!

We applied spray foam to Miss White’s home and installed a Velux roof window. Unfortunately their next door neighbour had a serious electrical fire in their loft and the properties where terraced together.

Our spray foam is Class 1 rated – which means that it does not ignite or spread the fire. This is life saving spray foam. There are other spray foam products – if they’re cheaper, you know why. We only use the very best in materials and our own skilled tradesmen.

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